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Against Proviso West 1 All defense 1 Bench Shot 1 Bench Shot 2 Braid and others 1 Braid Newby 1 Braid on the key 1 Braid takes a shot Carpenter Braid Rinck Swift 1 Coaches 1 Coaches 2 D15_Untitled_002 D15_Untitled_003 D15_Untitled_004 Flynn Carpenter at the key Flynn Carpenter doubleteam Flynn from the key 1 Flynn from the outside Flynn trying to pass Getting a rebound Gore to Flynn 1 Hard hat section - small Hard Hat Section Meyers awaiting rebound Newby misses rebound Newby Rinck rebounding Newby Swift Gore 1 Photographer Dude 1 Rennie Swift 1 Rinck 1 Rinck and Braid 1 Rinck Carpenter 1 Rinck misses rebound Rinck Swift getting ready to rebound Rinck Swift Newby Gore 1 Rinck Swift offense 1 Rinck Swift on defense 1 Rinck Swift on defense 2