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Bobby Watt watching the game Braid Swift take rebound Braid to Carpenter Carpenter loses the ball Easy Layup 1 Fiorentino Meyers 1 Fiorentino Meyers on defense Frosh Soph 1 Frosh Soph 2 Frosh Soph 3 Frosh Soph 4 Frosh Soph coach 2 Frosh Soph coach Gore and Flynn 2 Jay and Al watch 1 Jay catches rebound 1 Ken Braid 3 Ken Braid 4 Losing the rebound Meyer breaking away 1 Newby elbowing his way Patti Murphy 4 Rennie Swift 5 Rinck Carpenter work a play Rinck takes a shot Rinck takes another shot Sophomore Cheerleaders 1 Swift takes rebound 2 Swift takes rebound Waiting for the sophomores to finish Watching the game 1 Watching the game 2