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Bob Davies - camera was stolen Bob Davies in study hall or what Chemistry Class 1 Chemistry class 2 Chemistry Class 3 Chemistry class 4 - Bob Coffey Chris Hall David Denekas Deep thought but who Denekas reading Shakespeare tragedies Don Shute 1 E John Justema III Eldridge Coffey Froelich conspiracy Fellow photog but who Flynn leaves a mess Fresh from swim class but who Front yard on 8th St Greg Hoerich Lisa Folz High school monster Jim Parsons 1 Jon Melvin - deep thought Jon Melvin - deeper thought Lisa Folz 2 Lisa Folz in math class Lisa with her new computer - small Lisa with her new computer Math Teach 2 Math Teacher 1 Monster in the hall - pretty bad Monster in the hall - Rick Pope - small Monster in the hall - Rick Pope Newby elbows Swift - Braid watches Pete Vogel 1 Rinck Webb Bonine - bball practice Ron Moucka - men's room Ron Moucka trying to have a conversation Steve Carpenter TableTop Photo 1 TableTop Photo 2 Trying to stay awake Untitled_001 Untitled_002 Untitled_003